Within life adventure

Hello friends! I'm Natalia and I'm a passionate traveler.

No, I don't spend months abroad.

I believe that to be a happy person you need to live and travel within each day.

Pretty often it is hard since we all do the routine stuff. But we need to learn to broaden our horizons by paying attention to details and taking active part in our day-to-day life!

This blog is divided into 2 sections - abroad and local experiences. Those speak for themselves. Join me in living within today. It will change your life!

Within the world adventures

In this section I invite you to experience my abroad adventures. I will share my impressions, itineraries, useful tips, passions and thoughts. Look for tag #world adventure

Within Russia adventures

This section is devoted to my native country. Most of the articles will be devoted to Moscow but I will also share other Russian adventures here! Follow the tag #Russian adventure to see what's going on!