Moscow metro discoveries

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When I ask foreigners what impresses them most about Moscow, pretty often I hear that it is Moscow metro. First I was surprised to hear that since for me it is a means of transport and normally I try to disconnect from reality by reading books or listening to music while commuting.

But that is true! Moscow metro is considered to be one of the fastest, most efficient and beautiful in the world! And I decided that I need to discover its beauty, legends and history.

Let’s start with the oldest stations since those appear to be the most interesting. Most of them are decorated with natural stone, marble in particular. I was amazed to find out that you can find the signs of ancient life on the walls. For example, here is the photo of the wall at Biblioteka imeni Lenina station:


You can clearly see fossilized shells!! As I have learnt this marble was brought from Crimea and these shells used to inhabit the ancient sea that covered all the Crimea and Caucuses mountains 300 million years ago. And it is only one of the numerous examples!

Every day I change from Biblioteka imeni Lenina to Borovitskaya stations and vice versa. And there is a mysterious story about Borovitskaya metro station related to its construction. In 1985 the workers have discovered a red brick house 5 meters deep under the ground. The most interesting about it was that the house was not destroyed and all the things inside remained unchanged. The scientists concluded that the house was built in 16th century. One of the guesses was that the house had gone under the ground due to some soil peculiarities and natural disaster. First it was decided to make a museum out of mysterious house but the workers complained that they felt strange and got sick near it. That was confirmed by the doctors and therefore the house was destroyed and removed.

I will keep on sharing interesting facts I discover about Moscow metro. Feel free to share your opinion about my articles in the comments! And hope to see you later!

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